Hifes and Gonidis September - September

During the month of september, Galeria Jordi Pascual presents a monographic exhibition dedicated to the contemporary artist Lluís Ribalta Coma-Cros (Barcelona 1979).

Through fifteen sculptures, of abstract style, the exhibition shows the personal univers of the artist across his pieces of art that he has created during this 2016.

  • Ribalta, Lluís
    Liquen Argo

    Doussie’s wood/iron
    131x113x39 cm

  • Ribalta, Lluís
    Liquen paisatge

    Mokaita Stone/iron
    23x22x16 cm

  • Ribalta, Lluís
    L’origen d’un Liquen

    Granadillo’s wood/iron
    66x22x15 cm

  • Ribalta, Lluís
    Col·lapse d’un liquen catedral

    77,5x38x20 cm

  • Ribalta, Lluís
    El vol d’un liquen

    Alicante red stone/iron
    54,5x32x23 cm

  • Ribalta, Lluís
    Liquen eteri

    cream ivory/iron
    55,5x36x20 cm

  • Ribalta, Lluís

    blue alabaster/iron
    69x23x29 cm

  • Ribalta, Lluís
    Ìdì dūdū liquen

    ebony’s wood/iron
    93x20x20 cm

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