Feriarte 2018 - 17 November - 25 April 2019


Av. Partenón, 5, 28042 Madrid, Espanya

FERIARTE, the International Art and Antiques Fair, is 42 years old. Over four decades this event has evolved into a landmark for the Spanish antique scene. It has developed and evolved alongside the growing antique art sector, and the development and growth in public tastes and interest. FERIARTE has been a key driving force for antique dealers and collectors and an essential tool for disseminating, promoting and managing antiques and Spain’s antique market.

Over the years the trade fair has had an important role in the evolution, transformation and modernisation of this sector. Among other achievements, FERIARTE has recognised the work of antique dealers; with progressive improvement in the quality of pieces exhibited, promoting international prestige as well raising awareness of the superb quality of our artistic heritage. This prestigious trajectory has been made possible by the commitment of all the antique dealers who take part, whose daily work and continuous efforts and determination to exhibit unique, quality pieces have made FERIARTE one of Europe’s leading events.

FERIARTE set out on this prestigious journey in 1974 at the Palacio de Exposiciones y Congresos de Madrid, after two previous experiences that had set the foundations for the trade fair’s future internationalisation. These were the 1st Exposición de Anticuarios in June-July 1966 at the Casón del Buen Retiro, and Artetur, held in Autumn 1972 at the Palacio de Cristal de la Casa de Campo.

FERIARTE was a dream come true for antique dealers, an event which, in the wake of these two earlier initiatives, would make the beneficial results of having direct contact with the public patent.

Forty-two years positioning Madrid the heart of the market for antique, decorative and fine arts, which have been featured at the trade fair since 1997. Hundreds of thousands of exclusive pieces, with La Granja glass, Cuenca and Real Fábrica Española carpets, Vargas writing desks (Toledo), tables, desks, silver, Talavera and Manises pottery, carvings by Castilian masters, paintings and works by artists such as David Teniers, Jan Frans Van Dael, Murillo, Sorolla, Zurbarán, Rubens, Picasso, Dalí and Barceló, and many more, taking centre stage. The first 41 years of FERIARTE have gone down in history, with an important trajectory which would not have been possible without its loyal exhibitors and visitors, whose unconditional support has made this exhibition what it is today.